viernes, agosto 03, 2012


Hello Everyone;

Here's the beautiful thing, some but not all of the listeners of the station are storytellers, 99.9% of them are individuals and families from all over the world AND they are not storytellers. One caller from New York said; "I was just cruising through the stations and found yours. I didn't know anything about storytelling and now I am hooked. Kudos to you!" Don't you just love it?!

Just over a year ago; we began broadcasting. I called Pam Holcomb and the two of us were the only listeners for weeks. But the station has really started to grow and you need to grow with us.

First, listen to the station.

Second, join the station as a teller. There is a onetime lifetime membership fee of $25

Third, send us your CDs and mp3 files.

call the comment line and tell us: Your name, Location, and "Happy Birthday" and we'll put your message on the radio!

We are working on a better communication tool for those who want to be on the radio with their stories. In the meantime, send your questions to

One year later, we are sporting 39,055 listeners, from 110 countries, who dial in and listen to storytelling for an average of 23 minutes a session.

One programming note: We would love to have stories in languages other than English. The rules are simple, stories need to be family safe, stories not speeches, and you need to know that shorter stories get more airtime than longer ones. We will broadcast these stories during the hours 5-7 pm language local time. So if we had stories in Mandrian Chinese, we will broad cast them in a time zone compatible with China and Taiwan. So Eastern European Groups, let me hear from you.

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