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Friday 22nd to Sunday 31st October

The Scottish International Storytelling Festival is Scotland's annual celebration of traditional and contemporary storytelling. The Festival brings together artists and audiences from Scotland and beyond in entertaining and inspiring live storytelling performances, thought-provoking talks, workshops and discussions and fun family activities.

Authentic Voices: Eastern Routes
For centuries live oral storytelling, blended with music and song, has carried Scotland's voices from generation to generation – and round the world.

This year – it’s 21st – the Scottish International Storytelling Festival carries this ancient tradition into the future with the stories of Highland and Lowland Scotland, and of the Scots who travelled eastwards.

Our ‘Eastern Routes: Authentic Voices’ theme brings together world-class storytellers, academics and educators from Sweden, Norway India, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan with some of Scotland’s finest wordsmiths in a 10-day celebration of ancient and contemporary oral traditions from East and West.

The Scottish Storytelling Centre on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile leads the way with live storytelling performances complemented by stimulating talks and discussions, rare film screenings, inspiring training workshops, intimate 'Meet the Storyteller' sessions, and a special Festival supper for storytellers and network members.


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