lunes, mayo 10, 2010


For our 10th edition,
we are celebrating Greece and Occitanie (the south of France region).

Storytelling, Concerts, Conferences, Film, Exhibition, Danses...

We are happy to receive Theo Angelopoulos who is showing his last film, Costa Gavras, Bruno de la Salle...
George Souglides has created for us an unusual exhibition on the Ariadne's thread designed like an opera scene.
Unexpected shows have been set up with Storytelling, Music, Slam and Poetry in enchanted open air scenes.
You shouldn't miss the Great Greek Night with the beautiful show by Bruno de la Salle "The Odyssey Chant"
followed by the Oneira concert
with six outstanding musicians and the famous Harris Lambrakis
,the Night of Mysteries with the "Occitan Slameur", the six breathtaking singers of the "La Mal Coiffée"
(the Messy Hair band) and tales that make your hair stand on end.
We have also dedicated a special day to our european friends with tales, songs and poetry in their native language.

You are also invited to our beginner courses of traditional Greek and Occitan danses...


Claude and Sophie JOIGNANT
Mas de l'aveugle
30190 Collorgues

Tél : +33(0)466812303

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